Wednesday, December 14, 2011


"I am so in my zone".
Tis the season...Everyone is demanding your time, your money, your cooking not to mention you! Makes you want to scream ~A~L~V~I~N~! (from the chipmonks) (you are suppose to LOL here)

This busy season reminds me of one of our pets.  We have a vocal, ummmm let me rephrase that a VERY vocal cat.  Most people think cats purr, well this one does but he also is very vocal with different sounding meows that almost sounds like human words. He is 11 or 12 years old and doesn't mind speaking his opinion.

"I want something to eat NOW!"
He especially is vocal when he hears the whirl of the microwave or silverware clanking or the pop-top of cans opening. He is instantly in the kitchen meowing.  It is a distint meow that means, "I want some food NOW! It does not stop until something is given to him, even if it is just a few sips of milk. I know we are like that to God sometimes. God please do this, bless me with this, and watch over me and, and and.

Sometime today just back up, relax, and quietly say...Thanks Jesus for loving me!

"Underneath the Christmas favorite place to nap!"

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