Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cow Cake

Cows love their cake as much as we people do!  I promised you awhile back to explain what Cow Cake is.        

 Here is a picture of Cow Cake:
Doesn't look like our cake,

Cow cake is a treat for the cows.  They love it and will knock you down trying to get it.  They will come across big pastures to get just a snack of cake.  They will follow your pick up or 4 wheeler, you can honk the horn of the pick up and they will come running right to you if they are used to being fed by their friendly farmer.    I have seen it for years and it still amazes me how they will come for this stuff.

This stuff is made from cotton seed, at least what we feed our cows is.  They call it

cake because when it is first pressed/processed it is in the shape of a square cake. They later cut it into nice bite-size pieces, cow size bites that is.

Farmer's are always innovative!

My Darlin' buys his feed in bulk. It's cheaper that way.  He put it in his grain cart and rigged up this neat little deal to load his bucket.  He prefers feeding with 5-gallon buckets.  He dumps it on the ground in small spots and the cows come running.

"Hey, that is my piece!"

Let me just add, I am NO cow cake expert.  I only have experience in watching the cows eat this stuff.  I just thought maybe this blog would help you not confuse this

         Cow patties                

                                                            for this--Cake!!!!

Always good talking to you!  Hope you enjoy some Country Sunshine today! 

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  1. Love it! Very interesting read. Keep the awesome posts coming! :)