Saturday, December 10, 2011

Let the blogging begin!

"I can't believe you just took my picture with green stuff hanging out of my mouth"
Today, I am starting my brand new blog! My college daughter, the Public Relations Major, has been after me for over a year to do this! Well TODAY is the DAY! (I think God may have whispered in my ear too.)

This Blog promises to be somewhat whimsical, a whole lot country--cause that's what I am and redneck too, hopefully somewhat inspiring and maybe bring a few smiles to your faces. Know this up front, If you are reading this, I have said a prayer for you to be blessed! 
Thanks for stopping by!

"Where's the cake?"

What is more country than cows? I love cows! My darlin' raises cattle and does it quite nicely too. His cattle are so gentle that when I stopped in the middle of the dirt road to take their pictures they looked at me as if to say "Where's the cake?".  Now cake doesn't mean birthday cake for cows, it is a nutritious snack that they just love! Kind of like peanut butter is to most of us. (I will take a picture next time I am out at the barn.)

The guy on top has been eating something green obviously, not cake.

This guy is comtemplating-stranger danger!

I have been driving the same car since 2004, you would think he would recognize me by now! They always know My darlin's pickup.  It means FOOD. Reminds me of when my teenage son and his buds come in my kitchen! 

As a closing paragraph, I should say a little something about what this blog will be so hopefully you will come back and visit! Obviously it will be about country life and all things in that direction, cooking, cool things, maybe a little wisdom, inspiration, and love thrown in for good measure. 

Thanks for Stopping by!

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  1. Absolutely love it!! Can't wait to see the future posts! :D