Sunday, March 1, 2015

Baby It's cold outside...

I know many of you live where it is cold and snowy often but here in Oklahoma snow is not something we are used to dealing with much less ice. If fact we have just about forgotten how to deal with any type of moisture! (We are in year 4 of an exceptional drought--the driest category for a drought.)

The herd is a little weary too! They got up on February 2 and did NOT see their shadow so they think winter should be over with as in at least 40 or 50 degrees.  It is time to have the onions in the ground and the soil should be ready to plant potatoes for Pete's sake! 

Winters are usually pretty good in a cow's life. Acre after acre of lush green wheat to munch on and then the farmer brings yummy snacks of cowcake and of course our much needed  daily fiber of hay.  Not to mention it is so cold no pesky flys to swoosh away.

And hey, how about those warming kisses from the heifers? (single female bovine) Now doesn't that just melt your heart and the snow!?!

Of course their is always one in every herd crying out, "Mom, I want to go in the barn where it is warm!"  #Annoying #calflike  Time to grow-up you steer! (No longer an in-tack male bovine)

But alas there is always the hope and the promise of spring--hopefully right around the corner or the section line or the pasture.

Thanks for stopping by today and here's hoping God's son and his Country sunshine will 
be shining on you soon!

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