Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Master   

Chase is an Australian Shepherd and is he ever so adorable.  Loves most everyone and “talks” up a storm when he first sees you.  He looks like his reddish brown hair has been heavily frosted and it even seems to bleach out in the summer time just as if he had spent a week at the beach.  There is no beach for Chase, but there is endless miles of farm pond shoreline, farm land, and good ole’ red dirt roads for him to run, play, and explore.   
Chase loves to go for walks with anybody who is visiting. He just slowly walks with the person or sometimes he runs ahead to see what adventures might be lying ahead on the path. He frequently checks to make sure his walking mate is still following and makes sure they are doing ok.  But like all of us Chase has his favorites.  Chase’s favorite is his Master, his owner.  He always knows where his master is and makes sure he is alright.  He might leave him for a time to go for a walk but before he leaves he circles his master and makes eye contact.

  Many times he takes off and then comes back to check with his master a second time before going off.  Upon return from one of his adventures he checks to make sure his master is where he was or stands by him waiting for his next assignment.
Chase also knows his masters voice.  He hears it above all other voices and he quickly responds when given any command from his master. He doesn’t always obey others and quite often just flat ignores them. But his master is just that HIS master.  When he speaks—Chase listens!  Chase is not unique at this, most pets follow their owners commands better than others.  Maybe we as people could learn a lesson from our furry friends.

We all have “masters” in our life. We just don’t always concentrate on THE Master.  God should be the Master of our life.  We should always know where HE is and how he is watching over us.  We need to check in frequently andmake sure we are still near our Master—the Lord Jesus.  We need to nudge Him with a prayer, or hum one of His hymns or praise songs. I just bet the good Lord squirms and squeals with delight when we “pet” and adore him with praise, not to mention when we feed Him by doing the things he expects us to do in this world. 

 God is our Master! Don’t be afraid to go the extra step to check with Him and see what His next command will be!  
He loves you like no one else!

 Thanks for stopping by today and stop enjoy some sunshine today!

American Honey!

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