Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby Calves

 the "Three Musketeers"
Think you could find this guy in a crowd?
Love those eyes!

Baby Calves are soooo many things!  They bring to the farm what children bring to a home! I love watching them discover the world running on the green carpet of winter wheat. They always seem to remind me of the promise of spring or a renewing of life.
 ( I know sounds sappy--lol@ms)

They  are funny, cautious, full of energy,  always wanting to run, play, eat, and want their Mama.  We have taken calves that weigh in the neighborhood of 400 pounds or more and they will bellar (slang for a loud mooing calf) and cry for their Mama all night long. 

To give you and idea of how large that is, a newborn calf will weigh roughly 75 pounds. They get up and are able to walk within a few minutes.
Mother and child so precious, but soon the Teenage years.

As soon as they stand up, you can guess what they want next--Mama's Milk! They must have their Mama's colostrom for survival.  And Mama cows are ready for them to eat or suck to relieve their pressure!

He is saying
"What chew be looking at?"

Instead of a milk mustache he is going for a milk gotee!
They eat pretty much as often and as much as they want.  Mama has to eat enough wheat, hay, cake, and minerals to keep both her and the calf going. Plus she has to keep up with the active little booger.  AND, AND she has no daycare, no mother's day out, and she would never ever leave her baby with mean ole' onery Bull-daddy!!!

"You kids get back over here"

And then before you know it, they are leaving home! (teenagers!) 

Actually in about 6 months they are weaned from Mom and forced to eat green lush wheat, yummy praire grass, cow cake, molasses, and other delcious cattle delecacies! (again just like their human counter parts--you know Tacos, burgers, and cokes) 

Here's hoping you get to lay down and rest in some green place today too!

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